About the city

Established before more than five thousands of years Veliko Tarnovo

keeps the spirit of  old eras. Past, modernity and legends are intertwined in it. The medieval city was situated on the three  hills Tsarevets, Trapezitsa and Sveta gora, where have been built strongholds and castles. Preserved until today each tourist can visit them and to connect with this unique city. In the middle of nineteenth century, the city was a centre for crafts, some of which are kept until today and can be seen on one of the cultural landmarks of Veliko Tarnovo – Samovodskata charshiya.

Preserved and kept through the years until today,  the small old-time streets are alive, where every guest can take a walk and feel the spirit of different cultures that have lived and have left their mark.  One of the oldest cities in Bulgaria with its glorious historical past, ranks on one of the first places, that every tourist must visit.